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How do you make life perfect in such an imperfect world?

How Do I Make Life Perfect? | Post-Grad Problems

I’m a perfectionist. Oh boy, am I a perfectionist. It’s quite hard when you feel like you want everything in the perfect order and at the perfect time. Honestly, I trust myself…

23 and scared to grow up

When You’re 23 & Scared To Grow Up

Today is my birthday and it’s exciting, yet it’s really weird. To start it all off, this post has been in the forefront of my mind for a while now. I was…

bloggers aren't writers says who

Bloggers Aren’t Writers? This Blogger Shares All

Recently, while reading a Thought Catalog post, I noticed a comment. The main line that jumped out to me was, “and used your [redacted] platform as a blogger (no you don’t deserve…

good things come to those who wait

When Good Things Come To Those Who Wait

I recently talked about wanting to find the Gayle to my Oprah in my article, “On Knowing Who Your Friends Are“. Who doesn’t want to know the secret to why they get…


Get On The List

We can’t tell you who’s on the list or what’s on the list, but you want to be on the list.

8.5 Chez Justine Brunch in Paris

SUNDAY BRUNCH BUNCH: Chez Justine Brunch in Paris

Whenever I think of eggs benedict or eggs florentine, I think of having brunch at Chez Justine in Paris. Instantly I am brought back to happy summer days walking down Rue Oberkampf from…

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